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Customer Display
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Customer Display

Model No.: DSP-420
- Large Font, Easy to Read
- Most Competitive Pricing
- Optional Back LCD Display, Low-cost Double-Sides Display

*Terms and conditions:
** Price above include delivery charges
** Delivery charges not included in East Malaysia and Overseas
** Goods return within 7 days in good condition and money refund
** Return Delivery Charges are not included

Product: Customer Display
  • Display up to 40 characters, 2 lines X 20 characters.
  • Character Format: 5 X 7 dot matrix plus cursor per line
  • Character Generator ROM for 192 character types.
  • LED or CCFL backlight for providing high display quality.
  • Provides powerful controller instructions.
  • Adjustable height from 380mm to 550mm.
  • International character type: English/JAPAN font, English/European font (Option), and English/Russian Font (Option).
  • STN yellow green or blue type LCD.

Customer Display Specifications:
Specification   Description
Number of Characters : 20 characters X 2 lines
Viewing Area : 149.0 mm(W) X 23.0 mm(H)
Active Area : 142.8 mm(W) X 20.6 mm(H)
Character Size : 6.00 mm(W) X 9.66 mm(H)
Character Format : 5 X 7 Dots + Cursor
LCD Type : STN, Yellow Green
Backlight Type : LED
Interface : I/O Card, RS-232, Parallel
DC Power Source : +9V for RS-232 interface
Operating Temperature : 0°C~60°C
Storage Temperature : -10°C~76°C
Humidity : 10%~90% relative
Display Unit Dimension : 110 mm(H) X 220 mm(L) X 45 mm(D)
Support Pole Dimension : Telescopic pole from 270 to 440mm
Base Dimension : 12mm Height with 80mm diameter
Tilt Angle : 45 Degree
Horizontal Angle : 360 Degree
Weight : Approx. 700 grams

Optional Back LCD Display:
Specification   Description
Customer Display : Liquid Crystal Display
LCD Model : STN Negative, Blue
Display Pattern : 5 X 7 Dots + Cursor
Number of characters : 20 characters X 2 lines
Character Size : 3.2mm(W) X 5.5mm(H)
Backlight type : LED, Amber
Viewing Area : 85.0mm(W) X 18.6mm(H)

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